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It can handle some shade and dry soil.

Weeping willow trees flourish in full sun to partial shade, meaning they need at least four hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight per day. .

Growing Zones 4-9.

It grows to just 5ft max.

A large much planted tree often seen by water, but equally as happy on dry soils. However, spring or even summer planting is fine as long as the tree is watered regularly during dry spells in its first year. FREE delivery Tue, May 9 on 25 of items shipped by Amazon.

Grows 30&39; x 15-20&39;, Sun, Z5 (-20f).

Salix integra 'Hakuro-Nishiki' Tree. Apply a two to three. This graceful shrub is a delightful garden accent.

Like all willows, corkscrew willow needs water to thrive. Starting at 29.

Grows 30&39; x 15-20&39;, Sun, Z5 (-20f).

Paperbark Maples reach 10 to 18 feet tall and 8 to 15 feet wide in 10 years.

It has clumps of glossy, dark green leaves, with bicolored stems of red and green, and produces purplish red catkins during spring. Growing Zones 4-9.

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The weeping willow is one popular variety that starts from 34, while the willow hybrid tree attracts a cost of about 59.


Find Weeping Willow trees at Lowe's today. 95. Nov 9, 2022 Salix caprea This Eurasian pussy willow is also called goat willow.

. Find My Store. Growing Zones 4-8. Niobe Weeping Willow is a popular Willow cultivar for its golden yellow coloring. . .


Plant the tree so the top of the rootball is at the same level as the surrounding soil, backfill around the. Plant Paperbark Maples in Full Sun or Part Shade.


Its soft green foliage appears earlier in.

This graceful shrub is a delightful garden accent.

Full sun, Partial sun.

Growing Zones 4-8.