Lisa comforts Starr by sharing the story of Starrs birth, and how despite Lisa.

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Darkness was my best friend and loneliness my soulmate.

Oh Jesus. . .

To avoid curiosity. I hated them all.

If youre considering self-harm or suicide, help is available right now.


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Sky, Mind, Limits.


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I hate talking about myself, I find it such a boring topic. Charles Starkweather. 2 hours ago "I&39;m more focused on myself. . .

When we don't know who to hate, we hate ourselves.

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Self-harm isn&39;t just cutting it&39;s any form of hurting yourself on purpose.


I hate myself, and I want to die Votes 3.

Badger hates Society, and invitations, and dinner, and all that sort of thing.

I&39;ve seen too much hate to want to hate, myself.